Saturday, May 23, 2009

Marble Bond Stix Bag

FREE PATTERN for Bond Knitting Machine
This pattern is easily modified to fit different yarn weight or other Bond Techniques.

Sample Knitted with:

James C. Brett Marble Chunky, Lion Brand Jiffy, Yarn Bee Topkapi

#8 US 14" Straight Needles #13 Wood Needles (Stix to Stay on Bag)

J Crochet Hook (Straps done in Tunisian Crochet)

Bond #4 Plate for Chunky Yarn

Cast On 60 Stitches – Knit 4 rows with Waste Yarn
With MC - Marble
Rows 1- 16 - placement for side seams to be sewn.
Rows 17-45 – back
Rows 45-60 – bottom
Rows 61-100 – front
With Waste Yarn – Knit 4 rows

With # 8 Needles & Jiffy - Back - Pick up and knit in Rib (k2,p2) 60 stitches
Remove waste yarn
Knit in Rib Pattern for 8 Rows
Row 9 - With #13 Wood Needles knit in Rib across. Stitches Stay on Wood Needles
Repeat for Front. Set end stitches on #13’s with Super Glue

With right sides together, fold bag in half. Seam sides starting at approx. Row 16 Mark.
Open and flatten side seam (still on wrong side) stitch across rows 45 – 60. Approx.
1 ½ inch from point. Turn Bag.

Lining: Layout bag on lining fabric. Cut lining at least 1 inch larger than bag for bottom and sides and 2 to 3 inches from top of needles. With right sides together, seam sides approx. ½ way leaving top open for bag opening. Seam across the bottom edge and lining bottom the same as for the bag. Do Not Turn Lining. Insert lining into bag, matching side seams and bottoms. Fold lining to Rib Band edge front and back starting on outside and working to center. Pleat excess lining in the center and stitch in place. (Lining will be fuller inside to allow for expansion) Embroidery Floss makes a nice stitch. Match color to bag. At bag opening sides, fold lining and tuck under rolled knitted edge. Blind stitch through bag.
Strap Options: Knit or Crochet
Sample Straps: Size J crochet hook – Tunisian Crochet or Afghan Stitch
Strand of Marble & Strand of Jiffy held together….Ch 4.
Strap Length 22 inches …Leave 5 or 6 inches at beginning and end to attach.
Strap Embellishment: Topkapi Ribbon Yarn woven with Tapestry Needle along sides and down the center.

Finishing Bag. Topkapi Ribbon Yarn woven through Rib Bands. Beads sewn along Rib Band bottom. Embellish inside with buttons or beads.

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