Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blaines Pub...'65'er's TakeToTables

Blaine's Pub
Bar of Your Dreams
The history of Blaine's Pub is about like any other story told from a bar stool.
Some things nobody remembers for sure, some things everybody remembers for sure but differently than any body else does.
Some things just never really happened even though there's pictures!
But here goes the long-story-short version.......
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Not only does Blaine's Pub have a San Angelo History...It has a major tie to the MHS Class of 1965!

Recognize this 'TableTopper'? It's our own Maggie Welch Brown!
Maggie and husband Steve Brown bought Blaine's Pub in 2008.

Sara Flores Gilbert gives this report..."Rumor has it that Maggie Welch Brown was out on the town at San Angelo's Blaine's Pub...Dancing on the Tables. (Rumor confirmed with these pictures.) There she was 'Totally out of Control'! I jumped up there on the Table and got her down.....she was having toooooo much fun! After saving her from a 'WildNCrazy Crowd'...She jumped back on the table and started Dancing Again!" So, Sara.....If You Can't LickEm...JoinEm? Right? Right!

After seeing Maggie and Sara in action...SuKnitWitty...MHS SandStorm Reporter, decided to check out Blaine's Pub and get the 'RealScoop' on the Maggie/Sara Incident. It didn't make the SanAngelo Standard Times....I checked the Archives.

Meet Don Baker, Class of 1965 Lakeview High School, San Angelo, Texas.

'Baker' caught me taking pictures outside about 10 o'clock in the morning. He's the DayShift Bartender/Janitor/BPub Historian/DoItAll Guy. I was kinda GRIT (GirlRaisedInTexas) embarrassed about being caught RedCameraHanded....the Bad Manner Thingy. 'Baker' was a real TexasGent, even after I Flashed him in the face as he opened the front door. He asked if I'd like to come inside and take pictures....had that 'WhathaHell is SheAbout Look'...but, like I said, he was a real TexasGent.

I Stepped in and....Well.....Here YaAre...Blaine's Pub...Bar of Your Dreams!

Meet JimmyDon Cox...Class of 1969 Lakeview High School, San Angelo, TX. JimmyDon is a 'Local/Regular' at Blaine's Pub. Now, JimmyDon is also a BPub see...He's been doin bizness at that very table with some of the 'Big Names' whose pictures cover every wall. Why, Heck, Shugar, his picture is right up there too....right next to Willie's.....daughter. So he must be a celebrity, too. I was thinkin "Ohoooo, SuKnitWitty, you have hit the CrackerJackPot. Sure enough....JimmyDon is a celebrity. His website JimmyDonCox, Western Artist is a place you gotta visit. Not only is he a Cowboy Artist, he's a RealTexasLegend. Seriously, don't miss a visit to his website. Maybe he'll be around Blaine's during the Reunion....Ya'll will really enjoy meeting JimmyDon Cox.

Speaking of Willie...There he is...'BiggerNDallas'. 'Baker' shared some of Blaine's History BeforeTheBrowns...all very colorful and interesting...all right there on the Walls of Blaine's Pub. Course, I was all ears about the History AfterTheBrowns....ReporterInstincts FlatTookOver my GRIT GoodManners. "So, Baker," I said, "Are there any pictures of Maggie & Steve as the NewOwners on the Wall?" "Nope", he said....."But...around here someplace are some pictures of Maggie and Sara Dancing on the Table." JACKPOT.....confirmed....The Maggie/Sara Incident! I quizzed a bit further, but Baker was not TellinAll....he's such a TexasGent.....of course....he's a '65er.

PS...I'm PurtySure 'TheTable' I sat and visited with JimmyDon and Baker is the One.


  1. SuKnitwitty, I just hope that we don't have to come and bail you out of jail for lurking around bars at 10 o'clock in the morning--with camera flashing! So, was Jimmy Don drinkin' at 10, and did you join him? So glad to have independent confirmation of the Maggie/Sara incident! Anne Loftin Ball

  2. JimmyDon did mention He'd already had all the FreeCoffee he could hold and had just started on the ahhhh...Lemonade??? Both TexasGents offered me a drink....I was FullaCoffee and ahhhh DietCoke...Really...Not Dr.Pepper. NoWorries on the bailinOut Thingy...I'd been OuttaThere InAFlash...10PM...I'd have joined Maggie & Sara on TheTable.

  3. Didn't ya'll learn anything at all in caliche pit etiquette? I cannot believe that us dignified upper classmen of '64 spent all that time and effort mentoring ya'll and you climb up on a table and dance without first inquiring, "Is this table sturdy enough to hold me?" You all have fun and have a drink for me.
    Al Hill

  4. I'm impressed at the show you guys put on! One of these days I just want to come and watch the fun....I'm into spectator sports....kbb