Sunday, June 28, 2009

BLOG!!...Exactly What Is It?

Howdy Anne and 1965 Classmates,

I was going to give you a proper definition for 'Blog', but the Websters edition 1961 that my parents gave me when I graduated from college (I probably could have used it earlier) doesn't have BLOG listed. It should have been somewhere around blocky, bloke and blonde.

So here's a SuDefinIshun......BLOG - a place on the InterNet or InnerNet or EnterNet or WorldWideWeb.....really doesn't matter how you spell or misspell's not in 1961 Webster either. And, the thing is, I've relied on this book through the education of my child and now my grandchildren, thinking, "If it was good enough for me from the Class of 1965, then it should be good enough for them." No wonder my son has to use 'Spell Check' and my Grands call me NanaNitWit.

Anyway, back to BLOG....a place on the WorldWideWeb... which is based on…as far as I can tell on the Children's Nursery Rhyme, The IttsyBittsy Spider who went WebSpinBerserk after the water spout event flooded the WholeWideWorld. Okay....I got off for a sec...on the WWWeb where ANYBODY in the whole wide world via their Personal Computer(PC)....also not in my defined as; one that computes; an automatic electronic machine for performing calculations. Don't you think it's interesting tho, that the name WEBSTER (the book) is used on the WWWEB and those who use TheWEB are called WEBSTERS? Hmmmmm!

Anyway...back to BLOG....via personal computer, share 'Information' (mostly useless ramblings about themselves...speaking primarily of this blogger) with other people known as Bloggers, who also share their ramblings and then want lots more Bloggers who Blog to comment on their Blog. The Information is sent to somewhere in OuterSpace via WonderWhereWireless wires to this WonderWhereWeb which then spins it off to the intended ReceiversPC via their SecretCode that only they and their InterNetProvider know.....unfortunately, we have learned that the Provider CanNot keep a secret.

Wireless? I don't know about you, but I have a tangle of wires behind my PC that makes cooked spaghetti look straight. How they got wireless outta that mess, beats me, especially when even 1961 Webster defines wireless as having no wires.

Of course, I can’t stop now, so I’ll dig a bit deeper into my Vast Teknikal Knolledge Pool and explore some of the more teknikal aspects of Blogs, Blogging and Other TekieStuff. Speaking of explore….the EnterNetExplorer is truly Magic….click on that LilBluE w/OneSaturnRing, and there YaAre….YAHOO and GOOGLE. Finally, 1961 Webster has Yahoo…an uncouth and rowdy person…that doesn’t work…but, kinda explains why Mom sometimes called us kids ‘You Bunch of Yahoo’s’. Webster misses again with GOOGLE….closest word is goo goo…NO,Sue…they don’t want to hear it and you don’t have time or space. Seriously, tho, GOOGLE is a word heard through out the WholeWorldWeb….I know it’s really the WorldWideWeb….my Computer Information Technology DirectorSon told me, and after reading this, he is probably going to lie through his SpellCheck teeth that he was the first to show me the LilBluE.

About GOOGLE….What do you want to know? Name It or Type It (so thankful for Mrs. Walkers ‘I KanTipe’Class) in that little box…teknikly called a Window...another PCism …can’t see a thing through it, but Type ANY word there, hit ENTER Key and ENTER indeed….maybe that’s why some spell it EnterNet! Hmmmm! Sometimes I give GOOGLE a Test to find words I make up or misspell….It comes back with “Did you mean ______?” and shows pages and pages of what I meant.

The WholeWideWeb and the PC is just MindBogoogling. YaKnow, I can kinda see how most of the PCisms, like Desktop, Tool Bars, Window, WWW, Twitter, FaceBook, Blog, Google, Email, Ebay, and especially SpellCheck (which I dare not ClickOn) fit the function they are named for. So Whats With……The Mouse? I’m not sure I would have even touched it except I got tired of moving the arrows up, down and side to side. My Pre-PC mouse experiences were whapping them with a broom or enticing them with cheese for a quick strangulation. Once caught I still wouldn’t touch one…threw out the trap with the mouse and never used the broom in the house again. Now, my SmartMouse is my PCBestBud. Yep, we go HandOnMouse ... Googleing…Blogging….Surfing….and LOLing for hours and hours and hours. It’s ridiculous!

One thing I’ve decided through all this BlogBabble is that whoever came up with the word Blog must have been blonde….and that’s no joke…if I were blonde and the best Webster could do above me was blocky and bloke, I might have come up with a new word, too….or not…if he was a blocky blonde bloke!

So there you have it, Anne. I bet you never ask me another question about Anything! And to the ClassMates of 1965….if you dared to use your mouse and click on the link that led you here, Wayne said to tell you that I am NOT his Fault, and We will see you all in October for our 45th Reunion. Until then enjoy viewing a few of our '65 Album Memories.
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PS This Blog May or May Not Be a BlogBreaker for Ya. But, I’d Really Like to Look Like a BigTimeBlog to OtherBloggers….So Couldya-Wouldya Leave a Comment?


  1. lol (that's Lots of Laughs) - - i enjoy reading your blog......i seldom "get" the knitting stuff, but a always get a laugh! thanks...

  2. What a mind "bloggoling" read! I think I now understand just what is a blog. lol! Great job 'splain' it to me!

  3. AnonymousJune 29, 2009

    Oh my SIL! My mind is truly "blogged" now.

  4. AnonymousJuly 01, 2009

    You are certainly a kreative knitter and blogger! Enjoyed it immensely (or is it emmensely?) I'll visit again....Mary Jones

  5. AnonymousJuly 02, 2009

    Your paintings are fabulous, Darlin'. 'Top Notch'! Check out or, and you might consider joining, an art community where your talents (all of them) will be greatly appreciated by other artists and exposed to the planet.
    And tell that husband of yours to work on throwing the football a little further. Ya never can tell, we might get the chance to whip-up on Andrews or Kermit again some day! :-)
    Love ya both,

  6. You are SUCH a Suknitwitty! I guess our desire to be known is strong and our desire to share our lives is a good, good thing! I'm glad you are my blog friend!

  7. Hey Mom good job. Spell checker is the greatest. See everything is spelled right.