Saturday, August 22, 2009


Welcome To MHS Class of 1965
Senior Prophecy...HowTrue?
Featured Classmate

Mike Neace is now serving as a model in New York.
1965 Lobo Senior Prophecy

Mike IS serving as a model, but not in New York or New Jersey or New Mexico or New Anywhere.

From a recent PhotoShoot we find Mike modeling the latest look in 'GuysWhoReDo'...Cars...that is!

That's right...All those hours spent in 'Auto Mechanics' at MHS has lead to
Mike's Old is New Again Car Restoration.

In this PhotoShoot, Mike models a Red Corvette Convertible ReDo. After the restoration from top to bottom is done, Mike sells the cars to collectors via EBay and Car Collector Contacts.

Here are a few photos of the cars Mike has restored.

The Newest TopModel in the Neace Family is Grandson Jake. He's modeling the latest in Proud Grandmothers...His GrandVicki.

Mike and Vicki reside in San Angelo, Texas. They own Neace Financial Group. Their daughter Kristin and husband are also MHS Graduates and reside in San Angelo, and that's a 'GoodThing for Grandparents'.

Mike and Vicki are the Directors of the '65er Golf Tourney.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

ReunionForty-Five Senior Open...FORE '65er's

FORE!!!! That's Right.....This is Your HeadsUp.....On the '65er Reunion Golf Tournament!
Gotta Golf Game? Nada Golf Game? Makes No Difference!
Handicap a 4 or 104...Makes No Difference!

Standing at Par 4...Hole #4...
Tournament Director...Mike Neace
Wants YOU with your 'Gotta or Nada Game'

To SignUp for the MHS Class of 1965 Tournament at
QuickSand Golf Course

Rumor has it that 'The Dream Team' of the 40th Reunion Tournament...are at least FOUR years older and that should add 4 strokes apiece to their score. So DreamOnYouFour...Your FourTrophys Days are Numbered.

To See More Pictures of the 40th Reunion Golf Tournament....Click Here. Then on the '1965 40thReunion Pictures.

QuickSand is a Spectacular West Texas Golf Course. If you're used to Golfing in West Texas you'll feel right at home among the Mesquites and Cactus. If you're used to Golfing anywhere else but West Texas, you'll feel right at home with the Grassy Fairways and GreenGreens. You will want to have a few extra Golf Balls if you're a Hooker or Slicer....The Rough is potential RattleSnakeRough. No Problem....You'll have a Team Mate or Two or Three. Surely one of them plays FairwayGolf.

1965 Lobo Golf Team
Class of 1965 Forty-Five Reunion Golf Tournament Dedicated to the Memory of 1965 Golf Team '65er's

Dale Ayers and Arlen Griffith

Mike Neace led the 1965 Loboes with a Total District Score of 385 to earn 4th in District Medalist Honors.

Just can't get away from the Number Four...

Registration for the Golf Tournament....

Mike Neace
Office 325-947-8585 Home 325-942-8218

Tournament Fee $35 Mail to:

Jerry Adams
2608 N. Garfield
Midland, Texas 79075

Request for Registration Form:

Monday, August 10, 2009

EnchantingConnection...With MagicalPomPom

Yarn-a-Su-oola, Needle-Ka-Boola...Knit-a-Bee, Knot-a-Bee...Poof!

EnChanting Words from an 'EnchantingConnection'.

So many ways to Connect in the WholeWideWorld these days!
I kinda miss the Cards and Letters with RealStamps...Plugs w/TwoProngs...TV w/ONE Plug...and a PlugOTobacci...JustKiddin...It was the only other PlugThingy I could think of.
Anyway, The GoodOleDays of Connecting have 'Sploded' in the "21stCentury GetConnected via the Internet."
SoLong 2ProngPlug....Hello MultiPlugItInStrip and 3Prongers out the WaZoola!

Thank-you, Thank-you for Plugging SKW Into TheBigBlogWorld and the

EnChantingWorld of PomPom
Where Love and Laughter abound.
Where Smiles are Found.
Where Welcome is Felt.
Where Flowers and Foods are Smelt.
(SKW RhyminSkills)
Where The EnChantressPomPom waves her MagicWand and casts a
RaggedyAnn Nice/HappySpell over AllWhoEnter PomPomDom!
Oh! and Where Gifts were BeStowed on This BlogWandWaver. Gifts delivered by the MagicalPO-Chariot with a RealCard, with AlmostARealStamp all the way to good time...I might add, for the PostOfficeMistress, Bless Her Heart, who thought the PonyExpress still delivers WayOutWest.

Thank-You PomPom for these Thoughtful Gifts!
Thank-you for Sharing, for Prayers and for being the 'EnChantingPomPom.

PS...No Worries in PomPomLand about BlogTime when SchoolTime arrives....SKW will get her DailyPomPomFix from the Archives.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blaines Pub...'65'er's TakeToTables

Blaine's Pub
Bar of Your Dreams
The history of Blaine's Pub is about like any other story told from a bar stool.
Some things nobody remembers for sure, some things everybody remembers for sure but differently than any body else does.
Some things just never really happened even though there's pictures!
But here goes the long-story-short version.......
Click Blaine's Pub to enter their website and the rest of the story.
Be Sure To Come Back....

Not only does Blaine's Pub have a San Angelo History...It has a major tie to the MHS Class of 1965!

Recognize this 'TableTopper'? It's our own Maggie Welch Brown!
Maggie and husband Steve Brown bought Blaine's Pub in 2008.

Sara Flores Gilbert gives this report..."Rumor has it that Maggie Welch Brown was out on the town at San Angelo's Blaine's Pub...Dancing on the Tables. (Rumor confirmed with these pictures.) There she was 'Totally out of Control'! I jumped up there on the Table and got her down.....she was having toooooo much fun! After saving her from a 'WildNCrazy Crowd'...She jumped back on the table and started Dancing Again!" So, Sara.....If You Can't LickEm...JoinEm? Right? Right!

After seeing Maggie and Sara in action...SuKnitWitty...MHS SandStorm Reporter, decided to check out Blaine's Pub and get the 'RealScoop' on the Maggie/Sara Incident. It didn't make the SanAngelo Standard Times....I checked the Archives.

Meet Don Baker, Class of 1965 Lakeview High School, San Angelo, Texas.

'Baker' caught me taking pictures outside about 10 o'clock in the morning. He's the DayShift Bartender/Janitor/BPub Historian/DoItAll Guy. I was kinda GRIT (GirlRaisedInTexas) embarrassed about being caught RedCameraHanded....the Bad Manner Thingy. 'Baker' was a real TexasGent, even after I Flashed him in the face as he opened the front door. He asked if I'd like to come inside and take pictures....had that 'WhathaHell is SheAbout Look'...but, like I said, he was a real TexasGent.

I Stepped in and....Well.....Here YaAre...Blaine's Pub...Bar of Your Dreams!

Meet JimmyDon Cox...Class of 1969 Lakeview High School, San Angelo, TX. JimmyDon is a 'Local/Regular' at Blaine's Pub. Now, JimmyDon is also a BPub see...He's been doin bizness at that very table with some of the 'Big Names' whose pictures cover every wall. Why, Heck, Shugar, his picture is right up there too....right next to Willie's.....daughter. So he must be a celebrity, too. I was thinkin "Ohoooo, SuKnitWitty, you have hit the CrackerJackPot. Sure enough....JimmyDon is a celebrity. His website JimmyDonCox, Western Artist is a place you gotta visit. Not only is he a Cowboy Artist, he's a RealTexasLegend. Seriously, don't miss a visit to his website. Maybe he'll be around Blaine's during the Reunion....Ya'll will really enjoy meeting JimmyDon Cox.

Speaking of Willie...There he is...'BiggerNDallas'. 'Baker' shared some of Blaine's History BeforeTheBrowns...all very colorful and interesting...all right there on the Walls of Blaine's Pub. Course, I was all ears about the History AfterTheBrowns....ReporterInstincts FlatTookOver my GRIT GoodManners. "So, Baker," I said, "Are there any pictures of Maggie & Steve as the NewOwners on the Wall?" "Nope", he said....."But...around here someplace are some pictures of Maggie and Sara Dancing on the Table." JACKPOT.....confirmed....The Maggie/Sara Incident! I quizzed a bit further, but Baker was not TellinAll....he's such a TexasGent.....of course....he's a '65er.

PS...I'm PurtySure 'TheTable' I sat and visited with JimmyDon and Baker is the One.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


The WonderWhereWednesday Trio
LtoR - SusanB of Seduced by Yarn, GinaP of ? (NoBlog...Yet) and SuKnitWitty

Wonderin What Wednesday is all About?

Three Knitting-Needlework Friends that get together on Wednesdays to Knit, Talk, ShareYarn, ShareSnacks, ShareTea's, ShareNests and ShareWednesdays.

Remember the WindFall...YarnFall?

That was GinaP Wednesday.

She Shared with the other Two MissYarnPiggys!

We did knit that Wednesday, but not as much as we talked about the knitting to come with All That Yarn!

A couple of Wednesdays later....
The WWW Trio Toured SuKnitWitty's Knit/Quilt/Whatever Room>>>>>>

You know, I'm lookin at this
Mess Is A Place... WonderinWhatWentWrong!

I'm usually soooo Organized!

Guess 'Organized Chaos' will have to do til my NextWednesday!

And Now....TaDa!!!...SusanB's

Grand Opening Today for the WWW Trio...
It's soooooo Organized...This Place is NeatNest! See more HERE

So as not to make SusanB's 'NeatNestPlace' a 'SuKnitWitty MessNestPlace'...
The WWW Trio Nested at the KitchenTable for KnitTalk, TexasTalk and ProperSpellinScrabble!
Oh, Ya'll....That was a challenge for SuKnitWitty...Tried some TexasSpellin...'Splode' when somethin BlowsUp...didn't Fly! Damn Yankees!
So, I nearly 'Sploded'....twice. They Both won and wanted to go for a third....Next time I'm takin my 1961 Texas Webster.

Well, It Is MY Scrabble Game, and I can Change the Rules...Soon as I got home. I Win!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Welcome Back To SuKnitWitty's ScrapBag RibAlong!
Are Your RibsDone? Were they FingerLickin Good?
Are You Ready for XtraSpicey Sauce?
As you can see I SpicedUp my ScrapColorScheme since we started the first set of Ribs!
What Else?
Glad you asked...Before we get to the XtraSpiceyStuff...
Let's do the TopBandRibRows. Altho, not a TrueRib Pattern, it looks kinda Ribbish, don't you think? It's called ...

Three-and-One Tweed from

A Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara G. Walker.

I DID A SWATCH!!!...lime and hot pink. It's HOT, huh? Real SpicyStuff! I suggest you do a Swatch, too. It's a pretty EZ 4Row-2Color Pattern with a more dense feel.
Let's Get You Goin!
#1....StitchUp ONE SideSeam #2...PickUp Stitches off WasteYarn across BagBack or (Stitches of CastOn Edge) #3...Remove WasteYarn #4...Knit or Purl (depending on which side you finished last row of #5Ribs) to be ready to start 3-l Tweed on RIGHT Side.

*Repeat These 4Rows ThreeTimes for 1 1/4 inches.
*Leave Stitches on Circulars...StitchUp SideSeam...Knit 2 Rows in the Round.

I did an I-Cord BindOff....A New Thingy for Me. You may BindOff however you choose. Here is the I-Cord BindOff. *Knit 1, slip 1 (knit-wise), Knit 1, pass over slip stitch, return the 2 stitches from RIGHT needle to LEFT needle and repeat from * (adjust tension of stitch after it is returned to Right needle). Very Cool look for the top of your ScrapBag.

TA-DA!!!!! YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE KNITTING PART OF THE SCRAP-BAG RIB-A-LONG! If you want to SpiceItUp here are some Samples using Novelty Yarns, FunFur and Ribbon Yarns. You can weave, wrap, tie, crochet etc.....Get Creative!!!!

It's Been Really Fun CookinRibs with Ya! I'm Full.....filled with RibKnitting! So, Keep on CookinNKnittin, and next time you have a BagOsCraps.....make a ScrapBag.

PS...What About Straps??? I'm Thinkin 'Tunisan (Afghan) Crochet' attached inside on the seams. What About Lining??? Yeah, I probably will...I need pockets...My 3-1 TweedSwatch would make a Cool Pocket on the Back! What will you do? When you Finish...Take Pics...Post on Your Blog or Ravelry...Let me know via Comment...I wanna See Yours!