Thursday, July 30, 2009

She-Knits Mystery Knit Along

Part III - No More Mystery
Yipee!! Lamkins and I have completed Part III. We have learned some new KnitTechs....making holes in your knitting....on purpose. It's where the handle threads through the top of the bag.
Then the I-Cord BindOff! Oh, Yes.....Been waiting for that one!!! Not so hard to do if you keep repeating the steps...Knit 1, Slip 1, Knit 1, PassSlipStitchOver, Move Two Stitches from Right Needle to Left Needle....Repeat...Repeat until all stitches are OFF.

Now we are ready for Part IV. Pockets! Yep, Two of on each side. Lamkin is looking a bit doubtful about picking up the PurlBumps that will attach the pocket to the Bag. But I have confidence in the SheKnits instructions. Better yet...I know that SusanB-Knits has already done this and she has given me a heads up on Part IV.

Even better HeadsUp are all the FINISHED Bags on Ravelry. I haven't told Lamkins that yet....She would be baaaaaing at me to get finished too.

Some have already Felted.....and OverFelted...not good. So there are some good points about being behind. Learning from Others MisKnits.

Alrighty Then.....Let Part IV Begin!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

SanAngelo Inn...Reservation Info

Welcome To SuKnitWitty's
RelayStation, AirPort Shuttle & BellHop Service

Relay Station - From the Planning Committee...

A block of rooms have been reserved for '65er's attending the 45th Reunion at

The San Angelo Inn & Conference Center.

The Planning Committe suggest the following guidelines when making your Reservation.

*Use only the (325) 658-2828 number. The 800 number does not work.

*Book only by telephone; if you try to book online, you will not get the Monahans discount.

*Ask for the Monahans Class of '65 Reunion rate: $89.00 + 13% occupancy tax.

This rate includes a Continental Breakfast. A more Hearty Breakfast can be ordered at an additional cost.

San Angelo Inn & Conference Center website.

SuKnitWitty's AirportShuttle & BellHop Services

Please Leave Your Requests for These Services in the Comment Box.

Wayne will be Available to Shuttle To and From the Airport. Seriously!!!!!

The BellHop Service??? Maybe....he works pretty cheap....I can get several hours work with a 6Pack!

Sisters Are Different Flowers

From The Same Garden.

A Sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves...a very special kind of double. Toni Morrison

Meet Pea InThe Pod #4. When she was born I was ten, and so my real BabyDoll she became. Who knew then she would look so much like me....this tiny girl named ConnieMarie.

A Sister is a gift to the heart
A Friend to the spirit
A Golden Thread to the
Meaning of Life. Isadora James

Sister to Sister
We Will Always Be
A Couple of Nuts
Off the Family Tree

Our Roots Say We Are Sisters
Our Hearts Say We Are Friends.

Monday, July 27, 2009

WandWaving At PomPom

SuKnitWitty KnitOnWand
The Magical KnitOnWand
has been created for
PomPom's WonderousWand Challenge.
This Wand has not been Tested!
The Creator is hoping for Magical Knitting Results.
But First....Some Magical Words are Needed.
Please Help!
Enter Your Magical Spell in the CommentBox.

I've Waved 'KnitOnWand' and Spoke these Well Known Magical Words....
ABRACADABRA...I even tried breaking it down...
A Bra Can Do A Body Right, Already!
Nothing....except....My Bra Straps Broke and The get the picture.
Nothing.....yet...Will Try Again...But I'm Hoping Someone Will Come Through with a Zinger!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SanAngelo Points...'65erReunion45

Points of Interest in San Angelo
When you come to the Reunion in October, you will find that San Angelo has some fun places to visit.
Historic Old Town offers antiquing, interesting shops and unique restaurants.
On a scouting trip in June, we found this fun place to shop:
Sassy Fox is just down the road from the hotel and has some crazy clothes in wild colors;
could be an inspiration for your early Christmas shopping,
or for a wild night on the town.

Also in Old Town is Eggemeyer's General Store, which contains every kitschey kitchen item that ever tempted you.

A trip to Old Town wouldn't be complete without a visit to Miss Hattie's Bordello Museum.

You will be able to join a tour of the Bordello on Saturday led by our very own Miss Hattie, Karen Barnes Smith.

Of course, Friday and Saturday nights you will be eating at the Reunion, but there's always lunch.......A couple doors down from the Bordello, you can have lunch at Miss Hattie's Restaurant and Saloon which has Victorian antiques and the original pressed-tin ceiling.

Also on the food tour, be sure to add the Butler's Pantry,which is in a historic San Angelo house and serves food made with all fresh vegetables and ingredients.

Where else can you get stuffed deep-fried avocado?

Scouting your food options : Vicki Neace, Anne Loftin Ball, Sue Hamm Jasper.

This is a job we did very well.

The Butler's Pantry has a cool and relaxing outdoor garden if you are fortunate enough to get a table outside.

There are lots more things to see and do in San Angelo. Let us know your favorite places, and we'll share them in future posts..........Anne Loftin Ball

Monday, July 20, 2009


Welcome To MHS Class of 1965
Senior Prophecy...HowTrue?
Featured Classmate

Terry Babcock and Jimmy Freeman have been named heads of the refreshments for tea parties.
1965 Lobo Yearbook Prophecy
J&T LoboTeForYa’ll’ opened across the street from MHS.
Location, Location, Location…
A month later the city condemned ALL the buildings on Betty Street across from MHS for a parking lot.
J&T moved on...afterall, Jim knew there were bigger and better things in store for him than taking pictures of
TeaCups and TeaTottlers.

Location, Location, Location!!!

Jim lives on the Isles of Capri near Naples, Florida with his spouse Sherri Morrison who is a freelance graphic designer.
Jim's commercial work has appeared in publications from Texas Monthly to the New York Times Magazine, as well as local and regional publications in south Florida. His fine art landscapes decorate airports, corporate offices, and the homes of private collectors.

Thanks, Jim
for sharing these Photos.
You may have a few '65ers who would like to catch fish Sherri's!

Visit Jim Freeman Photography website...
It is TeaRrific.
Drink It All In...BYOT!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

RibRecipes #4 & 5...RedNGreenSauces

Welcome Back to SuKnitWitty RibALong!
Was the Bobble Sauce a bit Saucey To Start?
I think you will find SlippedRibs less Saucey!
Did ya end #3Ribs on the wrong side?

If YES.....UReady to Go.

If NO....PurlARow to end on the wrong side.

Now yer ready.....right?

WhipOut a New ScrapSauce (color) and GetGoin on #4 Slipped Ribs

#5CableNEyletRibsII.....Mmmmm.....Worth Waiting For!

Once again.....Finish on the wrong side with #4.

WhipOut a New ScrapSauce (color) for 8Rows of #5Ribs.....

When you're done with those Juicy8Rows....

WhipOut another ScrapSauce(color) for 8MoreRows.
That's how I Grilled Mine!

Blue - 2nd Eight Rows
Pink - 1st Eight Rows
Red - SlippedRib

This completes the RibRows.....Next Comes the Extra Spicy Sauces.!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Welcome To MHS Class of 1965 SeniorProphecy....HowTrue? Featured Classmates!

Anne Loftin is singing in the Morman Tabernacle choir and as an added attraction to the program, she leads a yell or two during intermission.
Janie White has gained recognition as the fat lady of the Circus.
Sue Hamm is head Cheerleader at Yale.
1965 Lobo Yearbook Prophecy

From Yale University NewsPaper Archives

The Morman Tabernacle Choir To Perform with Barnum & Bailey Circus!

MTC LeadSoprano, Cecilia and Yale's HeadCheerLeader SHAMM will CheerACapella

Have YouGot That Spirit?....YeahMan!'

Under the Direction of Barnum & Bailey's Main Attraction...JaNee Fa T'lady

It Coulda Happened! It's amazing how one or two or three or can change the course of a Prophecy! In the case of these FeaturedThree....Anne didn't sing Soprano...Sue got Laryngitis....and Janie....well...they were looking for a BigHairDoBrunette.

Janie, aka GirlsWeekEndGettaway Coordinator, has organized and directed the Class of '65 GWG Event for SixYears. This years gathering was at the home of '65er Geri Adkins Michaud in Brownwood.

Geri and Janie - Girls Weekend GettaWay'08
Janie is one of the first to jump on every '65 Reunion BandWagon to serve as hostess for planning meetings, Head up Committees, and send Threatening EMails punctuated with lots of !!!!!!! Just kidding, Janie!!!!!!!!

Janie lives in San Angelo, Texas with her husband, Ken.

Sue, aka 'punkin1063', is the GoToGal for '65erEmail'. Without her....we'd all be out there in the 'WonderWhereWeb'...WonderingWhereWeAllWere. BTW...That's her new Chant!Be prepared to Yale It!

Anne, aka, Cecilia, according to Sue,
is the RealDealWheel and driving force behind 'Class of '65 Forty-Five Reunion'.
Her enthusiasm for The Class of '65 has us all trying to remember the cheer...
'Have You Got That Spirit'...
Be Prepared to Sing....Yeah, Man!
During the April 2009 GWG, Anne and Sue led
Hannah, Beverly and Jane in a few Cheers!
They also made SpaghettiSupper with all the fixings......Yeah, Man.
Thanks YouThree For Everything!

PS.I heard through the !!!!Email that Shelia will be here to Cheer. Rumor has it She can ACapella, too.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Welcome To MHS Class of 1965
Senior Prophecy...HowTrue?
Featured Classmate

When asked about being a Featured ‘65er, Louise said,
“I Can't remember if I even had a prophecy.”

Yes, Louise, you had a Shared Prophecy…..
Bob Orr and Louise James have received a joint Pulitzer Prize for their love poetry to each other…..
1965 Lobo Yearbook Senior Prophecy

Louise James Coulson has not received her Pulitzer….yet. She married Don…not Bob…and writes a column in a National Boating Magazine….I'm betting it's not ‘RowRowRow Your Boat’, but it’s PurePoetry to her readers for 15 years.

Louise KnowsBoats....she said this about that....
Don and I have moved 43 times in the 41 years we have been married.
We lived aboard our boat in Gloucester, MA for 12 years then traveled about 6000 miles up thru Canada and the inland waterways down to New Orleans.....
We now live in Aberdeen, MS (northern MS near Tupelo). The Boat, 'Caper' is docked behind our house....and needing a paint job.

"I can't remember if I even had a Prophecy, but I doubt it was working metals. I never really knew how much I loved to play with fire and hammers until I started the copper jewelry. "

How did we get from BoatsToBracelets?
Get Ready for some SmoothSailing through
Louise & Don Coulsons website
They are Jewelry Artists.

We use the ancient textile techniques in our work to create contemporary and classic jewelry.
We weave, coil and braid metals into jewelry that is meant to be both timeless and elegant.

Precision and craftsmanship along with the choice of materials are the elements needed for this work.
Our design process is a journey of discovery.
We incorporate the historical tradition and techniques for knitting, weaving, lace making, knotting, braiding and chainmaille in our work. Louise Coulson
Louise and Don have two children...Amy, who lives in Brisbane, Australia, and John, who is circumnavigating (and currently in Vanuatu. He is a merchant mariner (engineer).
Visit Kingfisher Designs to see their Jewelry Show Schedule, Jewelry, Jewelry Facts and Fiction, and MuchMore.

PS Don't Miss 'OutRageousRings'. DearSantaWayne....MyFav is the Ruby!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Welcome To MHS Class of 1965

Featured Classmate

Texas Tech is still giving Wayne McPeak four year scholarships to play football—they hope he will make one season without breaking his ankle.
1965 Lobo Senior Prophecy

Texas Tech Did give Wayne a FullScholarship, and he DidNot Break his Ankle. So, the ProphecyWriters really nailed this one…..except for one little ‘A’ word....
ANKLE…should have been…AnyBones. It was the Wrist.
TexasTech Athletics gave him a NiceRedShirt for his Sophomore year…
Then the USArmy thought he’d looked so good in Lobo Green that they offered him a TwoYear Scholarship to wear ArmyGreen.

When asked about his ‘Favorite School Memory’, Wayne said, “That’s easy, First Grade and Mrs. Watson…she was so beautiful.” On that FirstDay, I was eating my SackLunch, sitting on the MerryGoRound and wondering …Where is Everybody? After that day, Mrs. Watson escorted me to the cafeteria.”

Mrs. Watson gave each of her First Graders the first part of a well-known proverb and asked them to come up with the remainder of the proverb.
Here are a few of their Profound Proverbs….
***Don’t bite the hand…..Wayne….that looks dirty.
***If you lie down with dogs, you’ll….Sarah….stink in the morning.
***Where there’s smoke….Jerry….there’s pollution.
***Never underestimate the power of….Fred….termites.
***Happy the Bride who….DannyeKaye….gets all the presents.
***Two’s company…three’s….John….The Musketeers.
***If at first you don’t succeed….Mary….get new batteries.
***A miss is as good as….Bob….a Mr.
***Children should be seen and not….Greg….spanked or stood in the corner.

Wayne, now resides in San Angelo, Texas where he hopes to stay...
CarolAnn has crashed at least 3 computers trying to make one more address change...
and Sue has promised to stop cleaning out closets and DownSizing

He said to tell you to come by and see him during the 45th Reunion…
Anytime….except around 1 to 4 pm...
When he and his ‘Girls’ take a nap.
That’d be the dogs….not Sue.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Welcome To MHS Class of 1965

Featured Classmate

Beverly Stanek turned down an offer to paint Troy Donahue’s portrait to take the job as head mechanic at the drag strip.

1965 Lobo Senior Prophecy

Beverly’s decision to turn down the offer was primarily based on Troy’s refusal to be painted on a Horse, wearing Buckskin, carrying a Calf, dragging a Litter loaded with Rocks into the Sunset, over the Mountains, Through the Woods, Across the Desert, and…the last straw…petting a Howling Coyote.

As for the Head Mechanic….KindaSorta….Did come True! Beverly Stanek-Rowin Hartman is the Head Mechanics Go-Fer and DoItAllGal for Hartman Farms. She’s a CottonGrown, TractorDrivin, WaterWellin and CottonPickin Woman….and finds time to be an All Things West Texas Painter.

She generously shares her talent each year at the Historic Fort Stockton Pioneer Days painting gourds and rocks for the School Kids. Beverly and her Mom, Maxine, are vendors at Arts and Crafts fairs throughout West Texas. Her Rock Paintings are in collections throughout the USA and her expertise in wildlife and desert painting is well known.

Beverly with the Southwest Divider she designed and built.

Hartman Farms are surrounded by majestic mesas and big sky. Cotton fields, cattle and Bev's Dogs keep the Hartmans busy year round. There's a few Rattlesnakes, too.

Beverly, still shares her Artists Talents with the Class of 1965 as Head of Decorating for Reunions. For the 45th Reunion in October….

Well, you’ll have to be there to BeverLieveIt!

PS...Here's the short version and long version of the DecorCommittee from 40th Reunion. Unless she's standing on top of a table.....that finger is always going to be pointing UP.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

HappyTrails In Texas

with SuNavigator (in the BackSeat)
Okay, take a Right...I mean Left...Right Here. (She turns Right and we're lookin for a place to turn around).
Now, go straight til we come to a 'Y'inthRoad...Take the Left....I think....side of the Y to Abilene.
Nope, there it's to the Right...I shoulda known.
Okay, stay STRAIGHT on this road til we get to FM89 then take the RightY....I think it's 89 and I'm sure it's Right. It's a ways yet!

Now, SusanB and I can Knit. KnitN-RideN-TalkN in the BackSeat....PULL OVER! Side Road over the next hill, around the bend and to the Right. OMGoddess! I told you to go STRAIGHT! After DeepBreathin and WaterImBibeN...SuNavigates in the FrontSeat!

Okay! Just a few more miles....there it is FM#89...Right to BuffaloGap...Yeah! I was Right...again! Now, to find the Pottery hard can that be in a OneBuffaloTown? Pretty Hard....when you have to decide to go Left or Right at the end of FM#89. So we go Right! Around six to ten more curves....TADA....See, Ya'll....I knew we'd drive STRAIGHT to it.

And there's the Potter. Please, Pullover and Park....I need some BuffaloGapAir, pottery and probably some other stuff. Let's go Shop!

So Shop WeDid! The Potter, recently featured on TexasCountry Reporter, gave us a tour of his Shop and Studio and then Poached Eggs. Course, We4, had to have an EggPoachNPot, an AppleBakeNPot and Jewelry.

PoachedEggs topped with Cheese and Salsa near Noon....Let's go Eat at Lola's.

That's Right back the way we came in. (See..that's twice I've ended a sentence in a preposition...Oh,well...I'm Texan).

Okay, TurnRight then Left...I think...Nope, it's Right...I shoulda known.

Mexican Food...RightOn. Lola COOKS...
Wanna Clean Table? Grab a Rag! Wanna Order? See the Menu Scribbled on the Wall...
Go Left down the Hall...Ola! at Lola...In YourBest TexMexAccent, order Tacos...
Grab Yore Tools...Go Back down the Hall...
Politely ask the Locals Sittin at the Table You Jest Washed if you could join them.
Be aware of the rickety chair...Sez So on the Wall!
Also, On the Wall....'Men In Your Group WaitOn the Women'....
We got our own Tacos & CanDietCokes and left a HeftyTip for Lola's Waitress who, since we were Touristas, really did bring us ChipsNSalsa, drinks and Great Mexican Food.
We did go Left down the Hall...Paid Lola...said our "Muy Buenos and Muchas Gracias for the Comida". Lola replied, "Da Nada".
Like I told you, in Texas, you gotta learn Spanish before you can comprende TexasEnglish!

Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuarto Stuffed Chica's climbed back in the Tahoe...drove Right to Buffalo Gap Old Town (we spotted the sign earlier)...
Threw back a few RootBeers at the Mercantile Bar...and Tourista'd the Museums. Wanna See? Click HERE and Be A Tourista Too!

Time to HeadUsHome! SuNavigator (FrontPassengerSeat) has TahoeDriver convinced of her RightTurnTheory and without incident makes all the Right turns back to HiWay #277.
Tahoe's RightTurn Signal Flashes, Tahoe starts the Right Turn, and SuNavigator sez, "Where are you going?
San Angelo is back to your LEFT....Your headed to Abilene".
Tahoe makes a QuickTurnLeft and....O'ChasQuido! (Spanish4Snap)
That was a FedEx18Wheeler....Honkin & GivinUs the NumeroUnoSign!
I Bet He Speaks Spanish, too!
PostSpanish: Sure glad I have a NewSpanish Dictionary. My 'ComoSeEscribe Check' NoHablaEspanol!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Welcome Back to SuKnitWitty RibALong!
Hope you Enjoyed the #2 Mock Sauce Recipe?

Since Sauce is Such a Big Part of Successful Ribs...Here's a SecondSauce with ExtraTexture...Bobble Ribs. TastEZ 4 RowRack with Bobble Sauce.

Did ya end #2 MockCableRibs on the wrong side?
If YES.....UReady to Go.
If NO....PurlARow to end on the wrong side. Now yer ready.....right?
WhipOut a New ScrapSauce (color) and GetGoin on #3 BobbleRib!

The Knit 4 (rows 1,3) and Purl 4 (rows 2,4) at start and end of every row - makes seam edge.
Key: k-knit, p-purl, pm-place marker ,slm - slip marker

Row 1 - K4, pm, k3, *p2, (p1,k1,p1,k1) in next st, pass the first 3 of these sts, one at a time, over the 4th st (bobble made),p2, rep from *, k3, pm, k4. Tip: Do the (p1,k1,p1,k1) loosely, start psso with st3, then 2 then 1, gently tug on bobble to seat.
Row 2 - P4, slm, p3, *k2, p1, k2, p3; rep from * to marker, slm, p4
Row 3 - K4, slm, k3, *p2, k1, p2, k3; rep from * to marker, slm, k4
Row 4 - P4, slm, p3, *k2, p1, k2, p3; rep from * to marker, slm, p4

Repeat these 4 Rows three times for 2 1/2 inches or 3 sets of BobbleRibs.
You will finish the last row on the RightSide. Purl 1 Row to end on WrongSide.

As before, if you're still hungry....ByAllthat'sRibbed....Have Seconds.

Save Room for #4 Ribs....They are Thawing and Will Be Ready For a SlowGrillin!
You'll LuvEm......So, Ya'll Come Back!
Just Joining the RibALong?
Please Leave Your Finger Lickin Good Comments! Join Pattern Seekers and Follow!