Tuesday, June 30, 2009

SheKnits MysteryBag KAL

How exciting Knitting can be! The anticipation of getting to whirl that Spinning Thingy and the Yarn Roller.
"Nana...Can We Help? "

What a SuperSpinRoller He turned out to be! Now, the Knitting part.....didn't interest Him in the least. The She's, on the other hand, wanted to Knit 2. Yipee...LilYarnies for Nana to introduce into the World of StixNString!

WELCOME Ya'll to My First KnitALong via Ravelry.

What's a Ravelry, Nana?
(Get Compfy, Ya'll...this may take awhile).

Well, Dear Grands....one future WebSpinner-SheepRoller and two StixNStash Busters....
Ravelry is:
A place on the WWWeb for Knitters to meet other WWWebKnitters who Knit lots of Stuff, take lots of pictures of their stuff for other Ravelrs to admire, comment on, make FAVS, and want to Knit the same Pattern to take pictures of and ..........it's a KnittingCircle.

On Ravelry, once you are a member, you can join Groups of other Ravelrers who have the same interests that you have....."Nana, do they have SpinnerThingy's and do they need a really fast SpinnerGuy?" "I'll check with Susan-B, she has an awesome WoodSpinnerThingy."

"Nana, do you have Friends on Ravelry?" I'm so glad you asked StixNStashB #1. Yes, I have FRIENDS, and I can visit with them via TheRavMail....(all three get the email thing...they are a Bunch of Yahoos, too). Once on the FriendsTab you can read FriendsBlogs, Friends Friends Blogs, see what they Knit, where they go to see other Knitters Knittings, and they can put you on their Friends List so they can see your.......and the Circle continues.
"Nana, do your Friends have lots of Yarn, StixNStuff and a KnittingNest like you?" Well, #2StixNStashB, if they don't already have yarn and stix, they can shop on Ravelry and find YardsOfYarn, StixGalore, and lots of NestingStuff.

"Wow! Nana, when I get big, I wanna be a Raveler." You know, Sweetie, you can start right now by UnRaveling that Pile of Yarn you SpunRightOff the SpinnerThingy. Thanks!

Aren't Grands GR8888888888888!!!

TakeABreak, Ya'll. Go for some water, coffee, a full meal deal....whatever, and when you come back I'll ShowNTell about the KnitALong.
Glad you're back. Hope my Grands didn't WearYaOut!
Now for the SheKnits MysteryBagKAL!

Lambkins and I Nested with our Grand RolledWool ready for Part I to arrive on Ravelry.
Yessss, Part I here we go....Lambkins, Susan-B and Me.

Now, this is a MysteryBag, mind you, and I can not reveal any pattern particulars at this time. Part of the contract we agreed upon when we paid BigBucks (very reasonable BigBucks) to Knit this Bag...
I personally don't have EnoughBags and neither does Susan-B.

Lambkins was a big help in figuring out Part I. Susan-B 'splained' most of it to Lambkins and then Lambkins sheared with me. We can tell you that our Kit has PURPLE as the Main Color. This is the BagBottom. Hope thats Okay to say, SheKnits.

TADA!!! Part I Done! I can hardly wait for Part II. I know you are Spinning in YourChair, too!
So, Ya'll Come Back for MysteryBag KAL Part Two!
Watch For It On The SideBar ... Lambkins Will Show You the Way!
PS. The SuperSpinner-SheepRoller informed me that This was Not His First Rodeo with all things Sheep. He was a MuttonBuster (No Muttons Busted) at the Rodeo last year.

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  1. Great post! Your future webspinner/sheep roller can be my "SpinnerGuy" anytime! lol
    Looking forward to Lambkins helping you with Clue 2.