Thursday, March 17, 2011

Welcome To The Storage and Stash Closet

You have found my Fabric and Yarn Stash and Some Misc. Stuff like
 Tutorials, Old SKW Posts, and my High School 45th Reunion Stuff.
All that STUFF is In the ARCHIVES and on The Sidebar.

Make yourself at home here in the Closet! 
There aren't any skeletons....just in case you're lookin'!!!

When you get through come on back to SuKnitWitty!
The LINK is on the Sidebar!

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  1. I knew Jim Netzel from 1974 in Dallas, and he and I were very close for a few years. We stayed in touch for awhile, and then over the years I lost track of him. I've thought of him often, as I did tonight. I Googled Jim, and I found your blog. I remember how he talked about his friend, Wayne McPeak, and then I saw the photo here, and I knew I had found Jim. Can you tell me about how he died? --Donna Waters Peebles