Sunday, August 2, 2009


Welcome Back To SuKnitWitty's ScrapBag RibAlong!
Are Your RibsDone? Were they FingerLickin Good?
Are You Ready for XtraSpicey Sauce?
As you can see I SpicedUp my ScrapColorScheme since we started the first set of Ribs!
What Else?
Glad you asked...Before we get to the XtraSpiceyStuff...
Let's do the TopBandRibRows. Altho, not a TrueRib Pattern, it looks kinda Ribbish, don't you think? It's called ...

Three-and-One Tweed from

A Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara G. Walker.

I DID A SWATCH!!!...lime and hot pink. It's HOT, huh? Real SpicyStuff! I suggest you do a Swatch, too. It's a pretty EZ 4Row-2Color Pattern with a more dense feel.
Let's Get You Goin!
#1....StitchUp ONE SideSeam #2...PickUp Stitches off WasteYarn across BagBack or (Stitches of CastOn Edge) #3...Remove WasteYarn #4...Knit or Purl (depending on which side you finished last row of #5Ribs) to be ready to start 3-l Tweed on RIGHT Side.

*Repeat These 4Rows ThreeTimes for 1 1/4 inches.
*Leave Stitches on Circulars...StitchUp SideSeam...Knit 2 Rows in the Round.

I did an I-Cord BindOff....A New Thingy for Me. You may BindOff however you choose. Here is the I-Cord BindOff. *Knit 1, slip 1 (knit-wise), Knit 1, pass over slip stitch, return the 2 stitches from RIGHT needle to LEFT needle and repeat from * (adjust tension of stitch after it is returned to Right needle). Very Cool look for the top of your ScrapBag.

TA-DA!!!!! YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE KNITTING PART OF THE SCRAP-BAG RIB-A-LONG! If you want to SpiceItUp here are some Samples using Novelty Yarns, FunFur and Ribbon Yarns. You can weave, wrap, tie, crochet etc.....Get Creative!!!!

It's Been Really Fun CookinRibs with Ya! I'm Full.....filled with RibKnitting! So, Keep on CookinNKnittin, and next time you have a BagOsCraps.....make a ScrapBag.

PS...What About Straps??? I'm Thinkin 'Tunisan (Afghan) Crochet' attached inside on the seams. What About Lining??? Yeah, I probably will...I need pockets...My 3-1 TweedSwatch would make a Cool Pocket on the Back! What will you do? When you Finish...Take Pics...Post on Your Blog or Ravelry...Let me know via Comment...I wanna See Yours!

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