Wednesday, August 5, 2009


The WonderWhereWednesday Trio
LtoR - SusanB of Seduced by Yarn, GinaP of ? (NoBlog...Yet) and SuKnitWitty

Wonderin What Wednesday is all About?

Three Knitting-Needlework Friends that get together on Wednesdays to Knit, Talk, ShareYarn, ShareSnacks, ShareTea's, ShareNests and ShareWednesdays.

Remember the WindFall...YarnFall?

That was GinaP Wednesday.

She Shared with the other Two MissYarnPiggys!

We did knit that Wednesday, but not as much as we talked about the knitting to come with All That Yarn!

A couple of Wednesdays later....
The WWW Trio Toured SuKnitWitty's Knit/Quilt/Whatever Room>>>>>>

You know, I'm lookin at this
Mess Is A Place... WonderinWhatWentWrong!

I'm usually soooo Organized!

Guess 'Organized Chaos' will have to do til my NextWednesday!

And Now....TaDa!!!...SusanB's

Grand Opening Today for the WWW Trio...
It's soooooo Organized...This Place is NeatNest! See more HERE

So as not to make SusanB's 'NeatNestPlace' a 'SuKnitWitty MessNestPlace'...
The WWW Trio Nested at the KitchenTable for KnitTalk, TexasTalk and ProperSpellinScrabble!
Oh, Ya'll....That was a challenge for SuKnitWitty...Tried some TexasSpellin...'Splode' when somethin BlowsUp...didn't Fly! Damn Yankees!
So, I nearly 'Sploded'....twice. They Both won and wanted to go for a third....Next time I'm takin my 1961 Texas Webster.

Well, It Is MY Scrabble Game, and I can Change the Rules...Soon as I got home. I Win!!

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  1. It was fun playing Scrabble but I gotta study up on my Texas word spellin' for next time!