Saturday, August 22, 2009


Welcome To MHS Class of 1965
Senior Prophecy...HowTrue?
Featured Classmate

Mike Neace is now serving as a model in New York.
1965 Lobo Senior Prophecy

Mike IS serving as a model, but not in New York or New Jersey or New Mexico or New Anywhere.

From a recent PhotoShoot we find Mike modeling the latest look in 'GuysWhoReDo'...Cars...that is!

That's right...All those hours spent in 'Auto Mechanics' at MHS has lead to
Mike's Old is New Again Car Restoration.

In this PhotoShoot, Mike models a Red Corvette Convertible ReDo. After the restoration from top to bottom is done, Mike sells the cars to collectors via EBay and Car Collector Contacts.

Here are a few photos of the cars Mike has restored.

The Newest TopModel in the Neace Family is Grandson Jake. He's modeling the latest in Proud Grandmothers...His GrandVicki.

Mike and Vicki reside in San Angelo, Texas. They own Neace Financial Group. Their daughter Kristin and husband are also MHS Graduates and reside in San Angelo, and that's a 'GoodThing for Grandparents'.

Mike and Vicki are the Directors of the '65er Golf Tourney.

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  1. I have been sitting here trying to think up something cute to say - but all I can come up with is that I am very impressed, and I'm not impressed that easily, these are some really fine rides. My old partner in crime has done good! Jake was impressive as well, can't wait to teach that boy how to enjoy the pleasures of tobacco products.