Monday, August 10, 2009

EnchantingConnection...With MagicalPomPom

Yarn-a-Su-oola, Needle-Ka-Boola...Knit-a-Bee, Knot-a-Bee...Poof!

EnChanting Words from an 'EnchantingConnection'.

So many ways to Connect in the WholeWideWorld these days!
I kinda miss the Cards and Letters with RealStamps...Plugs w/TwoProngs...TV w/ONE Plug...and a PlugOTobacci...JustKiddin...It was the only other PlugThingy I could think of.
Anyway, The GoodOleDays of Connecting have 'Sploded' in the "21stCentury GetConnected via the Internet."
SoLong 2ProngPlug....Hello MultiPlugItInStrip and 3Prongers out the WaZoola!

Thank-you, Thank-you for Plugging SKW Into TheBigBlogWorld and the

EnChantingWorld of PomPom
Where Love and Laughter abound.
Where Smiles are Found.
Where Welcome is Felt.
Where Flowers and Foods are Smelt.
(SKW RhyminSkills)
Where The EnChantressPomPom waves her MagicWand and casts a
RaggedyAnn Nice/HappySpell over AllWhoEnter PomPomDom!
Oh! and Where Gifts were BeStowed on This BlogWandWaver. Gifts delivered by the MagicalPO-Chariot with a RealCard, with AlmostARealStamp all the way to good time...I might add, for the PostOfficeMistress, Bless Her Heart, who thought the PonyExpress still delivers WayOutWest.

Thank-You PomPom for these Thoughtful Gifts!
Thank-you for Sharing, for Prayers and for being the 'EnChantingPomPom.

PS...No Worries in PomPomLand about BlogTime when SchoolTime arrives....SKW will get her DailyPomPomFix from the Archives.


  1. You are so nice! I'm so glad you like all your package "shtuff" and I am thankful, thankful, thankful that I've connected with you! You'll find The Knitting Goddess interesting, but I doubt it has anything to tell you that you (O Brilliant Knittress) don't already know! Do you like the music? I've been listening to the "Sue Knit Witty play list" too. Happy! Happy!

  2. What nice gifts!
    You can wave your magic knitting wand my way anytime! I could use some more hours in the day to get some knitting done!