Monday, July 27, 2009

WandWaving At PomPom

SuKnitWitty KnitOnWand
The Magical KnitOnWand
has been created for
PomPom's WonderousWand Challenge.
This Wand has not been Tested!
The Creator is hoping for Magical Knitting Results.
But First....Some Magical Words are Needed.
Please Help!
Enter Your Magical Spell in the CommentBox.

I've Waved 'KnitOnWand' and Spoke these Well Known Magical Words....
ABRACADABRA...I even tried breaking it down...
A Bra Can Do A Body Right, Already!
Nothing....except....My Bra Straps Broke and The get the picture.
Nothing.....yet...Will Try Again...But I'm Hoping Someone Will Come Through with a Zinger!

1 comment:

  1. Yarn-a-SU-oola, Needle-KA-boola
    Knit-a-bee, Knot-a-bee, Poof!

    Say the above when you wish for:
    All those works in progress . . . finished!
    Mitten thumbs matched! One and a half pairs of socks = TWO!

    GREAT WAND, SKW! I knew YOU'D play along, Mrs. Fun!