Thursday, July 30, 2009

She-Knits Mystery Knit Along

Part III - No More Mystery
Yipee!! Lamkins and I have completed Part III. We have learned some new KnitTechs....making holes in your knitting....on purpose. It's where the handle threads through the top of the bag.
Then the I-Cord BindOff! Oh, Yes.....Been waiting for that one!!! Not so hard to do if you keep repeating the steps...Knit 1, Slip 1, Knit 1, PassSlipStitchOver, Move Two Stitches from Right Needle to Left Needle....Repeat...Repeat until all stitches are OFF.

Now we are ready for Part IV. Pockets! Yep, Two of on each side. Lamkin is looking a bit doubtful about picking up the PurlBumps that will attach the pocket to the Bag. But I have confidence in the SheKnits instructions. Better yet...I know that SusanB-Knits has already done this and she has given me a heads up on Part IV.

Even better HeadsUp are all the FINISHED Bags on Ravelry. I haven't told Lamkins that yet....She would be baaaaaing at me to get finished too.

Some have already Felted.....and OverFelted...not good. So there are some good points about being behind. Learning from Others MisKnits.

Alrighty Then.....Let Part IV Begin!!!

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  1. Lookin Good!
    I-Cord is an awesome stitch that can be used for trim to button hole. Did you know I-Cord was known as Idiot Cord till EZ changed it because she didn't like the name.