Thursday, July 16, 2009

RibRecipes #4 & 5...RedNGreenSauces

Welcome Back to SuKnitWitty RibALong!
Was the Bobble Sauce a bit Saucey To Start?
I think you will find SlippedRibs less Saucey!
Did ya end #3Ribs on the wrong side?

If YES.....UReady to Go.

If NO....PurlARow to end on the wrong side.

Now yer ready.....right?

WhipOut a New ScrapSauce (color) and GetGoin on #4 Slipped Ribs

#5CableNEyletRibsII.....Mmmmm.....Worth Waiting For!

Once again.....Finish on the wrong side with #4.

WhipOut a New ScrapSauce (color) for 8Rows of #5Ribs.....

When you're done with those Juicy8Rows....

WhipOut another ScrapSauce(color) for 8MoreRows.
That's how I Grilled Mine!

Blue - 2nd Eight Rows
Pink - 1st Eight Rows
Red - SlippedRib

This completes the RibRows.....Next Comes the Extra Spicy Sauces.!

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  1. OK I got the ribs and am on it.

    I am ready for anotber trip to San Angelo, but dont panic because I have to stay home until after the 13th or 14th of August.

    lvu, lpotts