Thursday, July 9, 2009


Welcome To MHS Class of 1965

Featured Classmate

Beverly Stanek turned down an offer to paint Troy Donahue’s portrait to take the job as head mechanic at the drag strip.

1965 Lobo Senior Prophecy

Beverly’s decision to turn down the offer was primarily based on Troy’s refusal to be painted on a Horse, wearing Buckskin, carrying a Calf, dragging a Litter loaded with Rocks into the Sunset, over the Mountains, Through the Woods, Across the Desert, and…the last straw…petting a Howling Coyote.

As for the Head Mechanic….KindaSorta….Did come True! Beverly Stanek-Rowin Hartman is the Head Mechanics Go-Fer and DoItAllGal for Hartman Farms. She’s a CottonGrown, TractorDrivin, WaterWellin and CottonPickin Woman….and finds time to be an All Things West Texas Painter.

She generously shares her talent each year at the Historic Fort Stockton Pioneer Days painting gourds and rocks for the School Kids. Beverly and her Mom, Maxine, are vendors at Arts and Crafts fairs throughout West Texas. Her Rock Paintings are in collections throughout the USA and her expertise in wildlife and desert painting is well known.

Beverly with the Southwest Divider she designed and built.

Hartman Farms are surrounded by majestic mesas and big sky. Cotton fields, cattle and Bev's Dogs keep the Hartmans busy year round. There's a few Rattlesnakes, too.

Beverly, still shares her Artists Talents with the Class of 1965 as Head of Decorating for Reunions. For the 45th Reunion in October….

Well, you’ll have to be there to BeverLieveIt!

PS...Here's the short version and long version of the DecorCommittee from 40th Reunion. Unless she's standing on top of a table.....that finger is always going to be pointing UP.

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