Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Welcome To MHS Class of 1965 SeniorProphecy....HowTrue? Featured Classmates!

Anne Loftin is singing in the Morman Tabernacle choir and as an added attraction to the program, she leads a yell or two during intermission.
Janie White has gained recognition as the fat lady of the Circus.
Sue Hamm is head Cheerleader at Yale.
1965 Lobo Yearbook Prophecy

From Yale University NewsPaper Archives

The Morman Tabernacle Choir To Perform with Barnum & Bailey Circus!

MTC LeadSoprano, Cecilia and Yale's HeadCheerLeader SHAMM will CheerACapella

Have YouGot That Spirit?....YeahMan!'

Under the Direction of Barnum & Bailey's Main Attraction...JaNee Fa T'lady

It Coulda Happened! It's amazing how one or two or three or more....events can change the course of a Prophecy! In the case of these FeaturedThree....Anne didn't sing Soprano...Sue got Laryngitis....and Janie....well...they were looking for a BigHairDoBrunette.

Janie, aka GirlsWeekEndGettaway Coordinator, has organized and directed the Class of '65 GWG Event for SixYears. This years gathering was at the home of '65er Geri Adkins Michaud in Brownwood.

Geri and Janie - Girls Weekend GettaWay'08
Janie is one of the first to jump on every '65 Reunion BandWagon to serve as hostess for planning meetings, Head up Committees, and send Threatening EMails punctuated with lots of !!!!!!! Just kidding, Janie!!!!!!!!

Janie lives in San Angelo, Texas with her husband, Ken.

Sue, aka 'punkin1063', is the GoToGal for '65erEmail'. Without her....we'd all be out there in the 'WonderWhereWeb'...WonderingWhereWeAllWere. BTW...That's her new Chant!Be prepared to Yale It!

Anne, aka, Cecilia, according to Sue,
is the RealDealWheel and driving force behind 'Class of '65 Forty-Five Reunion'.
Her enthusiasm for The Class of '65 has us all trying to remember the cheer...
'Have You Got That Spirit'...
Be Prepared to Sing....Yeah, Man!
During the April 2009 GWG, Anne and Sue led
Hannah, Beverly and Jane in a few Cheers!
They also made SpaghettiSupper with all the fixings......Yeah, Man.
Thanks YouThree For Everything!

PS.I heard through the !!!!Email that Shelia will be here to Cheer. Rumor has it She can ACapella, too.


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