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Welcome To MHS Class of 1965
Senior Prophecy...HowTrue?
Featured Classmate

When asked about being a Featured ‘65er, Louise said,
“I Can't remember if I even had a prophecy.”

Yes, Louise, you had a Shared Prophecy…..
Bob Orr and Louise James have received a joint Pulitzer Prize for their love poetry to each other…..
1965 Lobo Yearbook Senior Prophecy

Louise James Coulson has not received her Pulitzer….yet. She married Don…not Bob…and writes a column in a National Boating Magazine….I'm betting it's not ‘RowRowRow Your Boat’, but it’s PurePoetry to her readers for 15 years.

Louise KnowsBoats....she said this about that....
Don and I have moved 43 times in the 41 years we have been married.
We lived aboard our boat in Gloucester, MA for 12 years then traveled about 6000 miles up thru Canada and the inland waterways down to New Orleans.....
We now live in Aberdeen, MS (northern MS near Tupelo). The Boat, 'Caper' is docked behind our house....and needing a paint job.

"I can't remember if I even had a Prophecy, but I doubt it was working metals. I never really knew how much I loved to play with fire and hammers until I started the copper jewelry. "

How did we get from BoatsToBracelets?
Get Ready for some SmoothSailing through
Louise & Don Coulsons website
They are Jewelry Artists.

We use the ancient textile techniques in our work to create contemporary and classic jewelry.
We weave, coil and braid metals into jewelry that is meant to be both timeless and elegant.

Precision and craftsmanship along with the choice of materials are the elements needed for this work.
Our design process is a journey of discovery.
We incorporate the historical tradition and techniques for knitting, weaving, lace making, knotting, braiding and chainmaille in our work. Louise Coulson
Louise and Don have two children...Amy, who lives in Brisbane, Australia, and John, who is circumnavigating (and currently in Vanuatu. He is a merchant mariner (engineer).
Visit Kingfisher Designs to see their Jewelry Show Schedule, Jewelry, Jewelry Facts and Fiction, and MuchMore.

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